Innovative Linear Lighting Solutions


Patented Technology 

Inception Innovations has innovated and delivered on patented lighting products and technology deployed in the harshest of environments where performance is everything.

Product Design Expertise

The Inception Innovations team is comprised of seasoned professionals with a range of backgrounds that enable the freedom to spearhead ideas collaboratively to help revolutionize the lighting industry.

Improving Existing Products 

We create and deliver best-in-class lighting and control products using our toolbox of innovative and patented technologies to innovate and create new practical product features which improve both form and function.

Made in the USA

Inception Innovations crafts its creative technology and products right here in the USA. Headquartered near Dallas, Texas, our team isn’t afraid to take on big challenges that result in big changes.

An OEM Partner

Inception Innovations helps companies sell more of their own products with the integration of proprietary and patented product features.  We specialize in providing results oriented, innovative and cost effective product and technology solutions for our OEM customers. 

High Demand Markets

Commercial/Retail, Municipal, Residential, and Grow