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Linear Lighting Re-Imagined

Add Lighting Anywhere

The LumaTrax™ Lighting Solutions make adding lighting virtually anywhere not only possible, but easy.  Our innovative technology eliminates the need to create a location to conceal the lighting since LumaTrax™ accomplishes it for you!  

Simple Installation

LumaTrax™ consists of a base and cover that conceals the controller, any cables and holds lights perfectly in place. You will never worry about having to install wires in your walls or attic.  Our LumaTrax™ Kits also utilizes a plug-in power supply, so in most cases an electrician is not required for installation.

Fit Any Space

The LumaTrax™ Solutions are modular and expandable for any space. They handle up to 64 feet of lighting from a single power supply; for even longer runs of continuous light, our patented LumaTrax™ technology allows for concealment of power cables and Wireless Mesh controllers.  This allows for multiple controllers which can be “grouped” at the same time so the lighting looks completely seamless when combined end-to-end.

No Hot Spots

LumaTrax™ technology provides consistent lighting throughout any room by eliminating the potential for “hot spots.” This feature allows for lighting to be spaced further apart which means longer continuous runs of lighting with fewer power supplies and controllers.

Control Integration

LumaTrax™ Solutions can be used with our WiFi Smart Bridge which allows for control from anywhere in the world remotely and also provides full integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Without LumaTrax™

With LumaTrax™

16' Solution

The Small Room Solution is ideal for a small bathroom, kitchen island, bar or hallway and includes Wireless Mesh controllability and all components to install 16 feet of RGBW lighting.


UP-TO 32'

A 16' add-on kit is available for the 16' Solution and is ideal for a large bathroom, bedroom, living room or stairway and includes Wireless Mesh controllability and all components to install 32 feet of RGBW lighting.


64' Solution

The Large Room Solution is ideal for a large master bedroom, game room or family room and includes Wireless Mesh controllability and all components to install 64 feet of RGBW lighting.


Seeing is Believing

Lighting Solutions Specifications