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Outdoor Lighting Systems

Inception Innovations patented technology enables The Inception Lighting System, the first practical and affordable architectural accent color-changing-lighting system.

Using proprietary features and a total system design provides for a DIY or pro-installation of lighting in virtually any location. typically the edge of a building.  The design allows for an unnoticeable daytime appearance and a celebration or holiday lighting aesthetic at night. 

The system is available with control solutions ranging from localized, on-site controllers to cloud-based solutions controlled remotely from anywhere, and allows the user to easily customize colors, timer options and program light sequences, ideal for year-round use.


Field Customizable Using Hand Tools

No Cutting or Splicing

Weatherproof and is UV Stable

Integrated Lens

Integrated Cable Management

5x Brighter Than Seasonal Lighting


 Channel Cover Available in Several Colors or Custom Color and Blends with Architecture

Non-Metallic Channel Allows for Customization to Fit Any Location and Compliment Architectural Style

Custom Light Placement Where it Never Looks as Though Lights are Missing


DIY or Pro-Installation for Residential, Commercial or Municipal

Designed for Harsh Environments; Hurricane Tested, Canada Cold to Arizona Heat

Historical District Approved

Ease of Maintenance – Replace the Lights, Not the Whole Fixture


Energy Savings

24/7 Marketing, Branding and Awareness

 Liability of Dangerous Installations Eliminated

Reduced Wear and Tear on Building

Steep Labor Costs Eliminated

Reduced Maintenance Costs

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