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Under Cabinet

No More Expensive Aluminum Channels!

Introducing the LumaTrax™”U” Channel Series  , the perfect alternative to using aluminum channels. The LumaTrax “U” Channel eliminates the need for clips for mounting with 3M adhesive included and if tape won’t work, it’s easy enough to screw directly through the “U” Channel.

The LumaTrax™ “U” Channel ensures consistent light placement, eliminates “hot spots” with the included frosted lens and protects LED tape lighting from dust buildup, accidental contact and splashing of water. The LumaTrax “U” Channel is compatible with LED strip/tape lighting up to 12mm in width, is easily cut-to-size and can be painted as desired.

LumaTrax™Outdoor Series  provides wire management in a direct view lighting channel, perfect for jobs where cables or connections are hard to conceal.

LumaTrax™ allows for continuous lighting around corners without having to splice wires or tape.  The Outdoor series blends with virtually all under cabinet and under counter applications.

Outdoor Series Channel Benefits

  • UV Stable
    • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Simple and Quick Installation
  • Manages and Protects Lights and Cables
    • Water/Mist
    • Accidental Contact
  • Finished ”Custom Fixture” Appearance
  • Non-Metallic Channel
  • “Fit the Location”
    • Cut-To-Size
    • Lighting Continuous around corners
    • Conceal Multiple Wires/Cables Inside Channel
      • Fewer Power Supply Locations Required
    • Made in America – Short Lead Times
      • Low Cost of Shipping